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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Character Cakes & Licensed Images

Sweet Escapes cannot make replicas of any copyrighted characters due to copyright infringement laws.  Any cakes on this site that have copyrighted characters present on them were made for personal use and were not made for profit.  If you would like a cake design that includes a character such as Dora the Explorer or Spiderman etc., please let me know, as other options are available such as certain edible images and "theme" cakes with toy characters on top! 

Q: What are your serving sizes?  

Servings are based on a 1x2x4 inch slice for a party/tiered cake and a 2x2 inch slice for sheet cakes. If you plan on serving larger pieces you will need to order a larger cake.  Regardless of your serving size, I base all my cake prices on these serving sizes (see also cake cutting guide ).

 Q: How much does a cake cost?  

The price of your cake will depend on the number of servings, the choice of cake flavor, filling, icing and the decoration detail.  Please keep in mind that there is a $75 minimum order.

 Q: What is your payment policy? 

A $75 non-refundable deposit is required to  secure your date.    The deposit is deducted from the price of your order.  The remainder of your payment, including any equipment and delivery fees, is due 3 weeks before your event date.  If you request an order less than 3 weeks from your event date, and if I have availability, the full balance of your order is due when ordering.  If your cake is less than the required deposit, the full amount is due when placing your order. 

Q: How do I pay for my order?
If far enough in advance I will take a personal check.  I can also send you an invoice through Paypal to make an online payment.  All orders must be paid for before pickup or delivery.

 Q: What is the difference between a dessert cake and a special cake?

Dessert cakes are just that.  Normally made from a 8" or 9" round cake, iced and may have a top and bottom border, no decoration or writing.  They are served in wedged shape slices.  Special occasion cakes are any size and decorated with flowers, or a design and the servings are cut differently as noted above (see also cake cutting guide ).

 Q: What if I want to supplement sheet cakes for additional servings needed for my wedding? 

Pricing for wedding sheet cakes (a.k.a Kitchen Cakes) is not comparable to traditional sheet cake pricing because a traditional wedding serving is 1x2x4".  This means a 1/4 sheet for a wedding sheet cake is actually (2) 1/4 sheets stacked on top of each other, with a filling to match the main cake.  Wedding sheet cakes are typically very plainly decorated as they are usually kept in the kitchen until serving time.  All kitchen cakes are priced the same as our tiered cake pricing.

 Q: When should I place my order? 

It's never too early to book your date.  As a general rule we suggest you book four to six months in advance for a large tiered cake and one month for a party cake.  Please keep in mind that I accept a limited number of cakes per weekend.  If you contact me for an order and wait a couple of weeks to confirm and pay your deposit it is quite possible that your date will no longer be available.

 Q: Why are your cakes more expensive than grocery stores?  

The time it takes from beginning to end is primarily what you are paying for with your custom-designed edible work of art.  From the simplest cake with basic decorations taking approximately 5-10 hours to complete, to larger cakes taking a minimum of 30-50 hours to complete, not including the time invested in consultations and design.  The other costs are comprised of the cost of ingredients and supplies such as cake and presentation boards, support structures, cake boxes, etc.  Each cake is also incredibly moist and delicious, because I hold very high standards, and use only the finest ingredients.  You can expect your centerpiece to taste as good as it looks.

Special Note: To ensure my quality and personalized service, I carefully limit the number of orders accepted. This limitation is based on servings and level of detail required of each cake. Therefore, I can give each cake my fullest attention and provide everyone with a cake that exceeds their expectations both in taste as well as appearance.
Q: I want to match my colors: Can you do this?   
I will do all I can to match any colors, dresses, themes, invitations, etc.  You will need to provide swatches/photos/samples for me to get a truly accurate representation.  I will make every possible effort to match your colors.   Please keep in mind that inks and fabric colors don't always translate into sugar exactly!

Q: What happens if I need to reschedule my date? 

If you must change your date we will do our best to try to accommodate you, but cannot guarantee that we will have your new date available.  Our cancellation policy is outlined in our client contract and will be explained to you when you book your order.   

Q: What is fondant?  I heard that it tastes terrible! 

Fondant is a sweet sugar dough that is used to cover a cake.  All fondants are not created equally and there are brands that do taste terrible!  We have done our research and use two different recipes that taste very good!

Q: Do you do cake consultations?
Yes, if you are planning a large event where your cake needs will be over 100 servings then you can book a consultation.   It will take about an hour to discuss the size, flavor, design and elements of your cake.  Please bring any pictures, fabric samples and ideas you have collected.  Due to my schedule I will arrange a time that suits us both.  

Q: How do I transport my cake?
When you pick up your cake it is very important that it sits level.  Make sure your car is air conditioned, especially in the summer, as well as that the cake is kept out of direct sunlight and that you drive carefully.  This is important especially if the cake is tiered or sculpted.  The driver needs to take corners slowly and don't accelerate fast or brake hard.   The car seat is not a good place to sit your cake!   Once the cake leaves my kitchen my responsibility for it ends.  I can not be held liable for damages caused in transit, or if the cake is moved once I set it up on location.

Q: Do you deliver?
Delivery can be arranged for cakes over $100, a delivery fee is applicable. To find out what my delivery charge would be please send me the address I would be driving to.

Q: Do you have any tips on serving the cake?
When you serve your cake keep the blade of the knife clean.  I recommend using 2 knifes keeping one in a jug of hot water and switching out when the blade gets caked up.  A serving guide can be attached to your cake order by request.

 Q: How do I store my cake?
I try to use ingredients that do not need refrigeration.  Otherwise you would have to clear off a whole shelf in your refrigerator and that's not practical.  Store any uneaten cake in the box it comes in on your kitchen counter.  It will be fine for several days.  If it needs refrigeration i will let you know.

Q: Can I order more than one flavor?
Of course, but you need to consider this...  When offering different flavors there is a chance that your guests will want to try more then one piece.  In which case there is a possibility that you could run out of cake before everyone has had a piece.  To overcome this you could order a larger cake or combine the flavors in each tier.

Q: I need a cake for tomorrow, can you do this for me?
As much as I would like to make your special occasion cake, I cannot generally accommodate last minute orders; mainly because I do not keep baked cakes on hand to be used for an order, and secondly because I don't like to rush things.  Designing a cake from baking it to making the icing and then the decoration process all takes, surprisingly, more then a couple of hours.  Some say, 'but its just cake' that may be true to some, but not to me.  I can spend 6 hours or more on a special cake.  That’s including designing it, calculating the ingredients needs, to the actual making of it.  When you order a cake through Sweet Escapes you will receive 'more than just a cake'  

Please place your order in advance.  I prefer at least 14 days advance notice.

Q: Can you do a cake like i see on the Food network?
Well with the right amount of planning and if i had no other cake orders for about 2 weeks i probably could.  But the question to you would be, is $1000 - $2000 dollars in your budget for the cake??  Those cakes take days, if not weeks of work and a team of artisans at that.  I am just a one person business. But if your budget allows for one of these cakes please ask.

Q: Do you offer a plating service?
If your wedding/event is being catered by a company that is not on-site then please be aware that they will not provide the plates and forks for the cake.  For a small additional fee I can provide the plates and forks for the number of servings your cake will provide.  ie, if your cake serves 126 then i will provide 126 plates and forks.  Another thing I have noted while serving wedding cakes is that guests like a plate each for the wedding cake and grooms cake, so don't forget to order plates for the grooms cake serving numbers too.  Be sure to check with me at your consultation on the fee for this service.

Q How do I contact you, I don't see a phone number?
I would prefer if you use the contact us link on the home page. That will send an email directly to me that I will reply to within 24 hrs.  I do have a full-time job outside of my bakery business and answering the phone while away from my home or decorating a cake is just not possible.  So email me first at  I do prefer to correspond through email for all cakes except wedding cakes, when a consultation is recommended.

 Are you licensed?  

Yes!  My kitchen has been inspected and licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA).  I operate as a licensed Home Bakery as described in Chapter 911 of the Ohio Revised Code. 

It is very important that on the day your cake is due that you arrive at the time that is agreed on for pick up.  I try to schedule all pick ups of cake orders within one hour, 9am and 10am, that way I can schedule the rest of my day or make my deliveries on time.  Unfortunately I cannot wait around 2 -3 hours after your scheduled pick up for you to arrive.  So please respect my time and arrive when scheduled.

Should your check be returned for NSF or for Stop Payment I will do all that is necessary to collect payment from you.  Your cake will also not be made until you have paid in full,  no later then 4 days before the event, not including weddings. You will be responsible for the check amount, bank fees and a $10 collection fee.